Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hair Tip How To: Home Blow Out

I recently asked, "What is your biggest hair challenge" and got some great responses on Facebook. Here's the next one!

"Doing a blow out at home.  I can never get it quite right!"

Make sure that your using the shampoo and conditioner that fits your hairs needs most. 

Then after towel drying your hair, put in a nice leave in conditioner from your ponytail down. I like A/G Fast Food. 

Then depending on your style and texture, you'll want to put in a mousse or a smoothing cream. 

First use your Blowdryer and your fingers to get most of the moisture out. Make sure to blowdry the hair in the direction it grows because if you blow up at the hair it ruffles the cuticle too much and you deal with making it fuzzy. 

Then when the hair is 85% dry, take sections starting from the bottom and use a round brush or prattle brush to smooth out each section. 

When you get to the top, use your round brush as a hot roller and let it sit for a few seconds after each blowdry. To set the volume you can push the cool button then let the section out. 

To finish the look, tease the crown a little for added volume then use a smoothing polish and hairspray to set the look.

Photo from Hair How To

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