Friday, January 11, 2013

Hair Tip How To: Beachy Waves

I recently asked, "What is your biggest hair challenge" and got some great responses on Facebook. I'll be posting several of them here!

Jamie responded, "Curling my hair to be slightly wavy. I always look like a hot mess after my attempts."

A little tip to help you out is to section your hair starting at the bottom in (about 2 inches thick). 

Spray with a thermal spray (Spray Starch from Redken in good) and run a 1 inch curling iron over a section of hair once through to smooth out the cuticle.

Then either wrap the hair around the barrel (hold curling iron horizontally) and hold for a few seconds or curl it in a vertical curl. Go half way down, wait, then go to the ends and curl the rest. 

When the whole head is done break it up with a smoothing serum and your fingers. 

Enjoy your beachy waves!

Picture found online here

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